15 Hairstyles For Festivals That Are Easy To Do

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting by your vanity and leisurely blowing, curling, straightening, and fixing your hair up. Festival weekends don’t afford you that luxury, unfortunately.

Most of us will spend Coachella and Burning Man camping on-site with friends. But that’s all part of the fun!

On those days when you’re not only pressed for time, but space too, it’s time to bring out some lazy girl-approved hairstyles for festivals.

Perfect your 5-minute hairstyle with our favourites, and keep scrolling to find yours.

1. Pearl Extravaganza

Whoever invented pearl clips is a genius. They can transform any hairstyle for a festival into a classy look, but still look unique and eye-catching.

Now, since you’re going to a music festival and not a red carpet event, you can have fun with your pearl accessories.

If you have short hair, consider applying them—in various shapes, sizes, and forms—all over the top of your head to create a faux pearl hat.

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2. Butterfly Clips

If you like wearing your hair down, but hate having to move your face-framing tendrils to the backs of your ears every 5 seconds, bring a pack of colourful butterfly clips.

Not only do they add a touch of playfulness to your mane, but they also pin down your hair so they don’t keep moving every time the wind passes by. Talk about style and function!

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3. Half Up Half Down Hair

Got naturally wavy hair? Try this simple, 10-second hairstyle for a festival!

Take half your hair and tie it up into a high ponytail, then take some hair out near your forehead to frame your face. Easy, quick, and the best part is it won’t make your arms hurt.

If you have straight or curly hair, don’t worry, this half up festival hairstyle will look good on you, too.

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4. Perfect Spiky Bun 

Camping at a music festival doesn’t guarantee you’ll always get to wash your hair. If you’re already on day 3 or 4 hair, try this slick bun hairstyle for a festival.

The neat sides and middle part are perfectly balanced with the bun’s spiky edges. Trust us, when you’re out under the sun and sweating while dancing, you’ll be thankful you wore this updo.

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5. Baby Braids With Pins

Got a ton of safety pins at home? Bring them to your festival weekend and add them sporadically all over your mini braids.

What you’ll love about these braids is since they’re small, you don’t have to be super neat about doing them. In fact, the messier, the better!

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6. Bubble Pigtails

The easiest way to style your hair when you just can’t be bothered to braid it? Bubble braids.

Instead of dividing your hair into sections and twisting them on top of each other, just take multiple hair ties (silk hair scrunchies work well here) and tie them under each other.

But wait, where’s the bubble? Once you’re done placing your hair ties where you want them, loosen up each section to create a nice little “bubble” of hair!

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7. Curly Bun

If you’ve ever wondered what a curly ponytail or bun looks like (instead of a spiky one), this gorgeous ‘do is your answer.

Got naturally curly hair? Lucky you, you’ll only have to slick back your tresses and “messily” secure everything on top.

But, if you have straighter strands, run a 1-inch or 0.75-inch curling iron over your hair to give it that bouncy and fresh look.

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8. Messy French Twist 

When you barely have 10 minutes to get ready before it’s your friend’s turn, you can never go wrong with a chic French twist.

The goal is to make it look undone, like you put it up as soon as you woke up. Don’t forget to style your curtain bangs to complete the look.

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9. Floating Crown

Don’t know what to do with multiple packs of hair clips in your bag? Create a floating crown!

Flower crowns are so 2015. Now, it’s all about clips, barrettes, and pins. Start by clipping your hair above your ears. Following your intuition, place each successive clip in the same line as the two ends.

Now, you’ve got a “crown” that can keep your hair styled from day to night.

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10. Crimped Hair

If you’re tired of waves and curls, we’ve got the perfect answer for your next hairstyle for a festival: crimped hair.

All you have to do is run a hair crimper from top to bottom and wear it in a ponytail, or a half-up hairstyle, or a low bun—whatever you want!

Just make sure you don’t run your fingers over it, otherwise you’ll be left with a weird frizzy mess.

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11. Coquette Hair

Planning on flaunting your coquette aesthetic at a music festival? It won’t be complete without this hairstyle.

Simply braid your hair into two, loosen each one so they don’t look too perfect—the key to perfecting coquette hair is looking like you didn’t spend a lot of time styling it—then add pretty pink ribbons on the top and ends of each braids.

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12. Pigtail Braids

Classic, works for every hair length, and it won’t even take you 5 minutes!

This hairstyle has become a festival go-to as it provides style and function in one. Not only will you look cute, but you’ll keep your hair neat and protected from the desert’s elements.

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13. Flipped Lob

A flipped lob might seem dated for a hairstyle for a festival, but trust us when we say it will look so gorgeous with your maxi skirt or dress.

Now, because we don’t want the flipped ends to look too perfect, don’t flip all of your hair.

The mix of the flips with your natural texture will make this short hairstyle look undone in the most chic way possible.

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14. Mermaid Ringlets

Forgot to bring your curling iron? No worries! You can still have your dream mermaid hair.

Before you get your beauty sleep, braid your hair and secure it with a hair tie. Once you wake up, take the braids out, and hello, those curls sure do look gorgeous!

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15. Colourful Snap Clips

Need a hairstyle that will get you out of the tent fast? This is the one for you.

Part your hair in the middle and place rainbow clips on your hair—right next to each other, creating a colourful ladder on your mane.

It’s simple, but it’ll look good in pictures and if it gets messed up, it’s so easy to fix!

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Hairstyles For Festivals Aren’t Complete Without The Halo

We’re sure your hair kit has all the tools you’ll need to create these quick, on-the-go hairstyles. But, if, like us, you want to give your hair some extra va-va-voom, don’t forget to pack The Halo with you.

Unlike popular clip-in extensions that snag and tug on your existing hair and can lead to breakage and damage, The Halo is a halo hair extension that rests invisibly on your scalp—not your hair.

It’s 100% Remy hair, so you can cut, style, and colour them as you see fit and they won’t get damaged. Our halo hair extensions securely fit on your head, so you can look like you, but you’er every day at the festival.

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